I have a feeling if I graphed out what time of day I write my blog entries, I would have over 75% between 1 and 3AM. Ah well. So today started off just about as easy as my days get. My “early” (ie, 2:30PM) class was cancelled for the day, so I had nothing to do until 4PM, my second class. I woke up around 11 or so, made am amazing Sakai-grade omelet, and watched both Family Matters and Boy Meets World on TV. Who knew that these stupid TGIF shows would still be airing on cable. I actually noticed a few weeks ago that all the shows on Nick at Nite are ones that I remember from my lifetime, which pretty much makes me feel old. I mean, I remember when Nick at Nite first started and they showed stuff like Dick Van Dyke and Welcome Back Kotter. Now, Fresh Prince of Bel Air apparently counts as “classic TV.” Wait, I guess it is. Yeesh.

So anyways, life has been good. Not that anything in particularly good has happened, I guess I’m just basing this on the fact that nothing particularly bad has happened. My classes are going somewhat well, although I need to get my online class assignments in on time (surprisingly this is the class that’s the most pain in my butt). My M405 Consumer Psychology class is turning into one of the best classes I’ve ever taken here at IU. It’s material that I actually am interested in, which I suppose helps out a lot. It’s funny hearing about psychological problems, etc (we really haven’t dealt much with marketing or business applications, but I think he’s doing that on purpose), then being able to so easily relate them to people I know. Things really do make a lot of sense; I knew I should have taken Intro to Psychology at some point. Oh well, I think this class probably covers most of that too. For the first time in a long while, I never get bored in class and actually enjoy listening to what’s going on. Weird, huh?

So I was in a pretty good mood after my one and only class of the day, and went to the office. Some issues there, nothing to really talk about. I’m starting to see a lot of hope for the organization next year. I hate to think that my role this year has been that of a segway in the life of IUSTV (from “creation” to “maturity”), but in some ways I think that’s true. Not to say that we’ve done a bad job this year, but we haven’t been growing and expanding as much as I would have hoped; too much other stuff had to be done. Overall, things are excellent and better than last year, which is indeed something to be happy about.

I’ve been on sort of a Retro Kick lately. This has been due to the website RetroJunk.com, which has pretty much killed many hours of my time, and to the rediscovery of classing NES and SNES games. Pat had both emulators on his XBox, so we played a lot last weekend. About 5 times this week after that, I’ve played SNES on my PS2 emulator, and seriously, these games are the greatest things ever made. Especially puzzle games. I really missed the competition and taunting that goes along with playing an otherwise kiddy game like Puyo Puyo or Tetris. I think I was raised this way, since as far back as I can remember both my parents (and my brothers) really get into these puzzle games. Games like Kirby’s Avalanche (same as Puyo Puyo), Tetris, Puzzle Fighter, Bomberman, etc have kept my family up many a night as we played games on end trying to beat and rematch each other. Good family memories. Some families beat each other; my family played Nintendo.

Old TV (especially theme songs) have been stuck in my head all week as well. Ninja Turtles and Heathcliff in particular. I have both songs on my phone now also. I remember watching TV as a kid, it was a lot different than now. Well, in some ways. In many ways I am still like a kid watching TV (ahem, Kamen Rider), but back then was still something different. That reminds me. I was telling this to Pat the other day, but I think the 4 Ninja Turtles really represent personality types pretty well (for males), at least in general. You can maybe tell a lot about how a person is going to act by finding out the order in which he liked the Ninja Turtles. Everyone had a favorite. The turtles were so different, so distinct. You could even go so far as to label people as “Raphael-types,” “Leonardo-types,” etc.

Personally, I liked Donatello the most, followed by Leonardo, then Raphael, then Michelangelo. Everyone post their turtle rankings (as comments). I shall call this the Leong Scale of Ninja Turtle Personalities. The exact scientific meaning will be discovered at a later date, I’m just claiming stake on the name. I’ll bet I can guess though which turtle was everyone’s favorite. Also this might not work as well for females, but give it a shot (especially if you watched the Ninja Turtles, which pretty much everyone did).