I’m too tired and too lazy to elaborate on everything me, Brian, Pat, and Kyle have done so far since coming to LA for E3. I’m going to post a quick summary of all the random and crazy events that have happened so far, so that I can elaborate on them once we get back:


  • arrived in LA
  • went to Jack in the Box drive through, then ate in parking lot
  • pretty sure Brian got mild food poisoning the next day as a result

Wednesday – First day of E3

  • woke up at 5AM
  • saw a giant American Yoshinoya
  • arrived at E3 to get our early media badges
  • got a nice free breakfast of fruits and bagels
  • had a ridiculously long chat with the Amp’d Mobile booth girls
  • walked back and forth for 30 minutes looking for a shuttle
  • rode said shuttle 45 minutes or so to a somewhat sketch party
  • spent entire bus ride talking to booth girls onboard
  • sketch party, then finally got home

Thursday – Day Two

  • stupid spoiled rich kid complaining about the Police on the train
  • in the spirit of LA, I used Ari no Jutsu and ignored said douche
  • Kyle got hit in the nuts by PacMan
  • Paris Hilton caused a fire hazard
  • Pat, Brian, and Kyle interviewed some guy named Magnus
  • met crazy Adam West and he did a promo for IUSTV
  • saw live G4TechTV broadcast, you might have seen us in the audience
  • met Michael Bower, AKA DONKEY LIPS from Salute Your Shorts there
  • found out the Sony party is way awesome and we will never get in
  • $1 tacos and awesome green salsa at Mexican restaurant

I supposed you want to know more about the actual video games and stuff, huh? I’ll make a quick list of SOME of the stuff that is notable or that I played, along with a quick summary. The only major thing I haven’t done yet is go into the Nintendo Wii booth, which takes about 2 or 3 hours of line waiting just to get in. I think we’re going to brave it tomorrow though (last day), since I don’t know if I can actually leave this conference without playing the Wii. On a side note, I talked to a guy yesterday named Scott Rubin who is apparently one of the founders of G4, and he said the Wii controller is awesome and super light.

  • Gundam on PS3 – looks awesome
  • Time Crisis on cell phone – better than you would think
  • most recent Mortal Kombat on PS2 – not good
  • The New Super Mario Bros on DS – AMAZING
  • DS Lite – really sweet re-design, buttons might be too small though
  • Brain Age on DS – addictively fun, especially VS mode
  • FFXII for PS2 – why did I play this, I have the Japanese version
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer – I love Hideo Kojima
  • Guitar Hero 2 – looks like you can play bass line now
  • DDR – hate
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance – like Legends, with almost everyone from the Marvel universe – looks sweet
  • Pokemon Ranger on DS – weird, but fun
  • Bomberman and Puzzle Fighter on PSP – I need a PSP

That’s all for now; I’m going to bed because my eyes are closing on themsevles. 1 more day for E3!