I was thinking about taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験) this year, but I think I’m boned. I should have applied or at least tried to start applying a while back. This doesn’t make sense, but to apply you actually have to buy this application booklet from a Japanese bookstore and apply that way. This is just if you’re taking the test in Japan, which I would be, since I’ll be there in December. I’m pretty sure that if you’re taking the test in the US, you can apply online or using some kind of modern technology. There are 4 levels to the test, with 4 being super easy and 1 being super hard. For a while I was thinking of taking level 2, but then I realized I haven’t studied in years and I can only read like 20 kanji, so 3 is looking like a better idea. I can study and stuff to take Level 2 next year maybe.

I actually took level 4 back when I was maybe a sophomore in high school, and passed it. I tried level 3 the following year, but didn’t really study much (I never did that in college, let alone high school) and ended up failing it. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to pass level 3 no problem now. If it weren’t for kanji, I could possibly even do level 2.

But back to the application process. To take the test in Japan, I would need the stupid application booklet, which costs 500 yen. Then on top of that, you have to pay an application and test taking fee, which is another 5500 yen. Since it’s the afternoon of the September 5th application due date in Japan right now, and I don’t even have the booklet, I am pretty much S.O.L. on this. There is actually an extended application due date into October, but then you have to pay an extra 3000 yen handling fee for being a late jerk. 90 bucks to take a test? Ehh….I suppose I could take it when I get to Japan, but I am thinking it will be best just to study this year and take Level 2 in December 2007.

Speaking of deadlines, if anyone wants to attend the Tokyo Game Show at the end of September and wants me to register them with my group as Press/Media, let me know ASAP, like in the next few hours. I’m faxing in the form pretty soon.