sign to line up at ヨドバシカメラ 千葉店I’m just waiting a few more hours until I head into the cold to line up at the nearby Yodobashi Camera, which is supposed to open at 9:30AM. I think I’m going to try and get there 2 or maybe 3 hours before they open. Why in the world would I spend a day off waking up early, if I go to sleep at all, to line up in front of an electronics store? It’s because Smash Bros X (Brawl in the US) is finally being released here in Japan.

I don’t think I’ve ever lined up for anything like this before; not for a video game, movie, CD, DVD, or concert. It does, however, remind me of that Saved by the Bell episode where they were trying to get U2 tickets or something and ended up being chased by gangsters. Of course the gangsters ended up being a hidden camera show – ha, ha,ha! Sorry…it’s late and I’m really tired.

I know I won’t get to have any adventures as cool as Zack and the gang did in that mall, but let’s hope the line isn’t that long. I checked at 9 and midnight tonight, and there was no one yet. There was, however, a sign showing where to line up, so I know they’re expecting people. Devil May Cry 4 also comes out today, in addition to some other ultra-mega-nerdy games that I don’t know about. Yes, there are different levels of nerdiness, in case you were about to call me a hypocrite.