I’ll be back up to posting blogs and pictures, especially from the adventures over the past few weeks, very soon. There’s the Y’s party, Penis Festival 2008, sakura, Namja Town, etc., all waiting in my cluttered mind and digital camera, waiting for their time to shine on this terrible, terrible blog. In the meantime, the plan is to decide on my job ASAP. Pretty much by this following Monday the 21st. I have a few offers, and I need to figure out exactly which I want to do out of them. The jobs I’ve been offered are very different in terms of responsibility and duties, but salary and all that so far seem pretty close. Either way I’ll be working at an office somewhere in Tokyo, which will be a big change. So I guess I just have to decide what kind of work I want to do.

You’d think that having offers and all that makes the job decision process easier. No. It makes things about a thousand times more difficult, since you aren’t just imagining things – you have real decisions and real deadlines telling you to hurry up and get off the can.