Summer vacation has come and gone. Well, I still have tomorrow off, but then it’s back to regular work on Monday. It will be a very painful Monday morning, I’m sure. Yes, I had a week of summer vacation, to coincide with the Japanese Obon holiday, a period when most of the country goes back to their hometowns to hang out with their dead ancestors. Or something like that. A lot of people get off for only a few days during this period (if at all), but luckily I got the full week.

The break was pretty good, and by that I mean extremely relaxing. It reminded me of my days of being semi-unemployed, which is not a bad thing at all, except for whenever I realized this was only temporary and that I’d be going back to work soon. I tried to sleep for pretty long if I didn’t have any plans, which was pretty much every day. The few days I had any scheduled plans, those were in the evening, so it didn’t really matter much if I woke up after noon every day. I woke up a few times around 10 or 11, and would just lay in bed watching TV for a few more hours, possibly falling in and out of sleep during that time. That description of my week off sounds like I have some kind of horrible disease*, but this was probably the best way I could have spent my summer vacation. Sleeping and hanging out. I watched a lot of TV of movies, played a decent amount of video games, and even got to read some actual books. OK, and comic books also.

I’ve realized recently that I am really boning myself during the work week by not sleeping enough. I’m still in the bad habit of staying up until 2 or 3AM, which doesn’t work too well when you have to get up at 7-ish every morning. I think as soon as work starts back up, I’m going to try and sleep a lot earlier every night. This way the mornings won’t be quite as painful, and I can read or play DS on the morning trains instead of desperately trying to get a few scraps of sleep here and there. Since I’m almost always standing up, this obviously doesn’t work so well. And even if I get some sleep on the trains I usually feel so drowsy at work that the entire day is just shot. I need to try and fix that and actually get my brain running at full speed all day. My life will be so much nicer once the weather gets back to liveable conditions. The heat and humidity is still terrible. Once that clears up things will be much, much easier.

1 more day of freedom.