This morning when I got to my office building I headed into the convenience store in the lobby to pick up a snack (breakfast) and a drink, as I do pretty much every day. Today I saw that they were selling the Final Fantasy Potion drink, this time promoting the Dissidia game that I’ll probably never get to play.

They’d sold that drink a few times in the past, for various FF promotions, but I never got around to trying it. Well this morning I did, and it is awful. Haha, seriously. They could have just put Sprite or Coke in a Final Fantasy-branded can and it would sell just as well over here I’m sure. Instead they tried to make some kind of funky energy drink that just tasted like watered down Red Bull or something. Every time I took a sip I made some goofy, twisted face. Is that how you replenish HP?

ファイナルファンタシー ポーション・ドリンク

I just read all the info on that Wikipedia site (the one I linked to above), and I guess the black can of Potion I had today was “bittersweet muscat” flavored, while the also available white cans are grapefruit. I don’t think I’m going to bother spending 200 yen on a can of grapefruit potion, since there’s no way it’s going to be good.