It’s late at night on a Saturday and I’m watching MXC on Spike. Is it strange that being in the US after such a long time, I’m now wasting time watching an originally Japanese show on TV? Nah, the dub is awesome.

I do have a small gripe though, and that’s with a certain commercial that’s already come up twice in the past 15 minutes of me watching this show. It’s for a Trojan “Vibrating Touch” thing for ladies. I don’t think I need to explain any further, do I? So yeah, whatever, it’s that kind of product and it’s late at night, I can understand that. But do they have to include a super old woman giving a testimonial about how much she loves her little Touch thing? It’s absolutely disgusting and I’ve almost puked each time she shows up. What women are up at 3AM watching Spike anyway? This commercial seems very out of place.