Class Summary, observations thus far:

J302 (Japanese) – About the same as last semester. Drill is going to be a blast while lecture will bore me. A lot.

S370 (Honors Stats) – Although it’s a class in the econ department, I think I might be able to do decent in this one. It’s more math based, and you use Excel a lot. Professor is an old Russian guy with a British-perhaps sounding accent. Could be a villain in a movie.

X204 (Business Communications) – Seems like it will be easy with a lot of busywork. Just like X104 was, probably

L201 (Business Law) – It’s a larger lecture, which I wasn’t expecting. I think I might actually get into this

A202 (Managerial Accounting – Just like A201, but the material is more managerial stuff and not numbers and crap like that. When she said “You’ll never hear me say debit or credit, T-account”, etc, I was so happy I can’t explain

E496 (Spring Break Japan) – I don’t have this until Thursday, but I think it will be more amusing than anything. Plus I get to go to Japan.