So I went to visit LHS today because I needed to get a high school transcript for my Tokyo application. I stopped by Donnelly’s (my old journalism/video) teacher’s room to see what was up. Needless to say, things around there aren’t much different from when I was there, except for a lot more money pumped into useless equipment, and a lot less POS (my old video team/buds, who kept the place sane). Sales reps tried selling these standalong video editor things to the district back when I was there, but I kept them from buying such junk. But apparently my words of advice didn’t stick, and I come back to my old high school where they have 5 of these machines (total $10,000). They could have bought a nice room of iMacs or something to edit on. I’m still a stickler for Final Cut Pro to video edit on.

Anyways, I’m going tomorrow morning to teach/lecture in Donnelly’s 2nd hour class. That’s the class that is working on their current news/announcements show, and I’m going to try and give my words of wisdom. Or at least try to give them some ideas and pointers to salvage a show. I borrowed a book of DVD-Rs (with a single 5 minute show per disc….) and they could definitley use some help. People are still editing in iMovie, they don’t use tripods, etc. Their show could be so much better with a bit of organization and fine-tuning. They hadn’t established this news show by the time I graduated, but I had always pushed for something like this. I guess I’m going tomorrow to try and give pointers to a project of “mine” that I never got to work on.

And that’s the end of my LHS Electronic Media rant.