Arrived in Baltimore Saturday morning after no sleep the night before. As soon as the cab pulled up to the convention center, I saw the little cosplay kids walking around. Scary. But I’ll talk about Otakon later on. (so many dorks) For now, let’s move on to the main event: the L’arc concert!

Took about 2 hours waiting outside in the heat and surrounded by cosplayers, then another 30 or 40 minutes inside watching promos/advertisement for Fullmetal Alchemist. Finally, the show began. L’arc started off by playing Kiss (接吻), creating a wall of flames up to the ceiling. Randomly, they would talk to the audience between songs. Some highlights:

hyde: “Are you having fun? Me too. Did you eat crab? I ate crab.”

ken: “Who am I?”…”No! I am dolphin”

tetsu: “Do you want to eat my banana?”

hyde: “I am Evangelion…going berserk!”

The best was when the performed “Ready Steady Go.” Rather than starting it by saying in English “are you ready?” like usual, hyde yells at the top of his lungs “Are you FUCKING READY!?” twice. It was great. The song sounded more grungy and hard rock than usual; it was awesome. Anyway, I dunno what else to type right now. Overall, it was an amazing concert, pretty much perfect. Almost every song I wanted them to play, they did (including Driver’s High, Stay Away, Blurry Eyes, and Heaven’s Drive). The otaku didn’t even mess it up at all.

The official L’arc page has some pictures up already.