I was supposed to be at Takanawadai High School, where I work, at 9AM this morning to help with the school festival’s English speech contest. I woke up at 7, miraculously, since my alarm was set to “weekdays” (I always forget that). I made it out the door, although running a little bit late. It takes about 45 minutes to get out to where the school is at. I transfer about 3/4 of the way at Nihombashi to get on a different train line for the last leg of the trip. I decided to call my supervisor at the school, to let them know I’d be about 15 minutes late.

How kind of them to let me know ahead of time that the festival was CANCELLED because of the typhoon expected to come. Great, I wake up early on a Saturday, tired as hell, make my way 30 minutes towards Tokyo, only to find out that it was for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. “Oh, I didn’t have your phone number, so couldn’t call you earlier.” Granted, it was cancelled at 6AM, but if I would have known, then I would have slept until about 1PM. And I KNOW I gave her my number before.

It was just raining, so I went to Akihabara via Daimon station. Had a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin for breakfast. It tasted really good. Haven’t had one of those since I lived in Forest last spring, I believe. Anyways, wasted some time, came home, and bummed around all day. The typhoon-ish weather was nuts: lots of wind and rain. I don’t think we ever actually got THE typhoon. Just a bad storm.

I called Renee (my supervisor) tonight at 8 to see if she knew whether or not I’d have to go in tomorrow. She doesn’t know yet. If they don’t let me know by 7AM, I’m not going in. Hopefully it’s cancelled, I don’t want to go in early tomorrow. Either way, I have to be at the Edo Tokyo Museum by 1PM for a class “field trip.”