This is where I went today, with Mikey and Ari. For a dork like me, it was awesome. Had the “Character World” exhibition, where they had models and cases full of toys from all the Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Mazinger robot, and Super Sentai shows. Oh man it was awesome. Actually since it’s Bandai’s museum, the main thing they had on display was toys (as opposed to real props, etc), but it was still great. They had the 1:1 scale, die-cast metal Faiz Gear, which was cool to see. You could buy it for 31300 yen ($300) if you really wanted it, but I definitely passed. If I was a billionaire, I would have picked up a few though. Also, at the Sentai part of the display, where they had clips and toys from every Sentai (Power Ranger) show since the 70’s, it was interesting to see a shelf of robot toys where I had every single one of back home. Embarrassing and awesome at the same time. Kinda.

Afterwards, explored the Matsudo area with Ari and Mikey. A lot more to do there than I would have thought. Like Funabashi city, it’s pretty generic of Japanese cities, but it was cool for a change of pace. Had some awesome miso ramen, found a cheap arcade, and met up with Elida (who lives there). She’s been here for a few months but we never got around to meeting up.

That was my day, pretty laid back and fun. Bandai Museum is awesome. Tomorrow I might be going to the Tokyo Motor Show (car convention) at Makuhari Messe.