Well the last few days have been fairly boring. People around me have a lot more drama in their lives than I do, which is good for the most part. Being a つまらないやつ has it’s advantages indeed.

On Sunday, I thought I had the whole day planned out. I was completely wrong. Ended up not going to the Tokyo Motor Show, since Bryan went first and c-mailed me saying it was mostly cars for the handicapped and stuff. Not the race car and booth girl festa that we were expecting. So instead, Ari and I found a Chinese buffet in the Plena mall next to the station. Reminded me of Chinese Buffet back in B-town, but more expensive (1200 yen). Eventually, we went to this department store in Kemigawahama, and boy did they have some weekend sales (割引). I ended up buying the Kamen Rider Lengel belt for half off, and Ari got a Tokima watch on clearance. Good sale for dorks.

Rented the Cutie Honey movie and watched it. It’s a goofy movie, definitely worth seeing. It’s like a parody of itself and the original anime (which I’ve never seen much of). The movie is honestly so stupid you can’t take it seriously. Ah well.

Tuesday (tonight) was pretty uneventful. My life is a lot more boring than others, which like I said, can be good. I’m not at liberty to talk about what people are going through, but it’s a tough situation. Anyways, now I have to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow around 5 or 6AM to go to my Field Placement at the high school. If this weren’t my first time back in 3 weeks (because of the Nagano Trip and then a national holiday), I would totally call in sick. It’s not bad once I get there, but it’s a pain in the butt up until that.