Well, it’s over. Officially. The semester finished up today, following my second straight day of sitting in front of a computer at the SALC, carrying 2 heavy bags with me everywhere, and in general stressing about everything. After the 2 worst days of the semester, it ended with one of the best nights.

Yeah, almost everyone is leaving tomorrow, but that’s not horrible. It will be weird, of course. No A-Team assembling, no sitting at SALC computers doing nothing, no sitting at Y’s, Saize, or IES making fun of the scabies around us. For that, it’s a little sad. Not like I’m never going to see these people ever again. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll see a bunch of them sometime later.

Technically I’m not done with all my school work, although I sure wish I was. Stress level definitely plummeted though, which is good otherwise I would have had to jump in front of a train. I need to go to school on Tuesday to finch up some video editing (not really editing, I need to make CDs of the class videos, blah); also I still need to finish writing my History final paper sometime soon and e-mail it to the Prof. Didn’t finish it today, nor go to class since I was in the video comp lab. Ah well, the Prof didn’t seem that mad.

I was going to write a whole bunch more here. Thought about it all the way walking home from the station. I was going to mention about how I don’t think I’ve ever been able to “enjoy” a going away party, a final party, a graduation, etc… I’m always busy with something, like videos, computers, running errands, etc. Even tonight, after the IES Video was shown, then Spiderman, it felt like such a rush for me to walk around, say goodbye to some people, and leave. I thought to myself that maybe I’ll be able to sit back and enjoy my retirement in around 30 years, but even that is doubtful.

I’m going to get some sleep now. I haven’t been doing that much these last few days. Tomorrow I have to wake up reasonably early to go see some people off at the airport. Even if I didn’t go, I guess it wouldn’t be horrible, but I suppose it would be nice. Bryan, Ari, Mikey: you guys might be reading this in a day or two after you get home. I’ll probably write more tomorrow also. It was a great semester. I really did meet a lot of awesome people (I honestly think that was my biggest worry before coming here, a bunch of dorks etc). And now it’s over. It will definitely be strange to leave here in a week.