Well, I haven’t posted anything decent in a while, mainly because I haven’t been doing anything interesting. But oh hoh, here’s a good story. Kinda.

Went to Denny’s last night with Nick and Brian (or should I say Otakon and Ocelot) after Pat’s party. Service was horrible, but the food was so good. None of us had been there since the summer, even though I was the only one with a valid excuse for that, being in Japan for a few months. Anyway, some weird chick started talking to Brian after he came back from the bathroom, which caused her to come sit at our table for a few short spurts, then her gay friend came over and I think he was hitting on Brian. Maybe because they were dressed frighteningly similarly. Haha. Well, after we got out of there, some of their hick friends were outside and tried talking to us as we headed towards the car. Oh and the big Mexican guy called me Iron Chef. That was hilarious. Also as we were getting close to the car I heard one of them say “well obviously he wasn’t gay.” I’m assuming they were talking about me, since I just kind of ignored them and acted like I was pissed off. Maybe they gave me some kind of gay test and I passed it, being straight. There you go: just act pissed off all the time and you’re fine.

So I get home around 4:30AM. Apparently when Frank came to get me to go to Pat’s, I was in a hurry and forgot my keys. Yeah. So that of course, meant I couldn’t get into my house or my car. My first idea was to break down the door, since I did that last summer when I locked myself out on the patio. I decided that probably wouldn’t be the best idea, since it was 5AM on a weekend night, and also it was my front door, not just some back door off of a second floor patio. So, what was I gonna do? I called AAA, they don’t do locksmiths. Called my apartment complex’s emergency maitenence line, but they said that if you’re locked out, you have to call a locksmith. So that’s what I did. But how did I get a locksmith’s number that late at night?

Conveniently, the yellow pages were delivered just a few days ago. And the apartment right across the way from me hadn’t brought theirs in yet. So I of course hi-jacked that phone book and called the locksmith. It took me a few tries to find one that was open or would pick up. I got one finally that sounded like I woke a guy up. Oops. Anyway, I told him to come, gave him directions, and I was set. All I had to do was wait about 30 minutes. He was pretty close on that estimate, although it seemed so much longer. According to Nick’s car thermometer (he told me this morning on IM), it was 12 degrees F last night. I at least had the sense to wait up near my apartment’s door, since it was enlclosed by 3 walls and the wind wouldn’t hit me. I almost went near the dumpster and took a leak because I had to. I just held it though.

Finally the guy shows up, and as I thought, he just had a little bag of lockpick tools. My dad had one of these, and they’re pretty cool. I was able to pick the deadbolt of my house in St. Louis a few years back when we first got that set. Man I need to get one of those for myself. So ya, he picked the lock in literally less than 30 seconds and I was in my house. It felt so warm. That night was the first time I think I’ve actually felt my feet get cold from inside my shoes. Anyway, I had to spend 40 bucks but I figured I’d have to get into my house sometime. So I tried warming up at home, fell asleep, and it was all good. That was my little adventure for the week.