I’m sitting in the library on a Sunday night, working on some M343 (database marketing, super fun) homework. I’m directly across from one of the laser printers in the lab (Indigo, if you’re that curious), and for the last 5 or so minutes have been cracking up to myself at someone else’s misfortune.

There’s this guy, kind of short and stocky, dreadlocks, sandals, etc, and he must be having the worst night ever. I think he’s having problems printing something, as he’s sitting right near the printer with the most pissed off face I’ve ever seen. He was, for a while, leaning over the machine, as if that would help. Then some other people came up to get their printouts, forcing him to sit back on a little table and look even more pissed off. Actually he also looks like he’s going to cry.

Now he’s back at his computer (which is right behind me), and I think he’s having problems still. When his last thing didn’t print right, for the second time I saw, he crumpled it up and huffed back to his desk. I’m sorry, but this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Oh, and now he’s back at the printer, looking at a printout intently. Hahahahahahahaha.