At first I thought I was going to write about this girl who rode up the elevator with me: she smelled like a dead zebra. But I think she was retarded or had a disease or something, so I guess I won’t.

One of the dumbest things ever: walkie talkie cell phones. Why in the world would you buy a phone that has this, and then why would you actually use such a stupid feature? The purpose of a cell phone is (or should be) to have private phone calls with the convenience of portability. These walkie talkie phones pretty much kill the “private” part, and also add the factor of making you look like a moron to anyone who sees or hears you. I walked past this kid on the hallway this morning who was using one of these monstrosities (apparently some people think this “feature” is worth having a bigger phone), practically yelling into the thing and hearing the customary scratchy semi-response. And don’t get me started on that “walkie talkie beep.” You know what I’m talking about.

I really don’t get the benefits of using these walkie talkie phones. Why not just call each other on the actual phone? It will be better quality, you won’t be overheard, and most of all, you won’t look like a jackass to everyone around you.