I’ve had a very relaxing weekend. After playing Budokai 3 for hours yesterday, doing minimal IUSTV work, and sitting at my apartment for the past five hours either watching TV, playing video games, or internet-ing, I seriously thought that I had nothing to do tomorrow. I don’t have class until 2:30 tomorrow, don’t have any interviews in the morning, nothing. Totally free evening and day.


I just discovered that the term paper I thought was due on Wednesday is, instead, due TOMORROW by 4PM. I’ll be able to finish it no problem, but I won’t be sleeping much tonight and I’m not going to be a happy camper tomorrow evening. It’s funny (kinda), because I’m looking over the directions right now and on the page my Prof labeled “THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES,” number one is “Procrastination – attempting to research and prepare the paper over a long weekend – the paper will show it, and it will effect your grade.” Haha, time to introduce him to the world of Anthony Leong papers. I’m not doing this over the weekend anyway. 頑張るぞ。