As I was brushing my teeth a minute ago, thinking of what to write in my blog tonight, I realized I write a lot of the same stuff. Oh well. It’s been a busy week, even though I only had two finals. I pretty much put in full hour days at IUSTV everyday this week except for Wednesday, and I had a pretty good amount of “big” stuff to deal with. Had a meeting to settle some differences between two staff members, had a complaint calling SCAP (which we don’t even produce, only broadcast) racist, had another student group try and threaten us (poorly), and had to finish the document that gets us our funding. Alicia (and now Thoms) might be right; maybe I’m a workaholic. OK, no, I’m not, and I’m not agreeing with them. I work because I have to, and because it’s usually fun for me. Especially after getting the e-mail threat on Thursday evening, I can’t get over how awesome we are. IUSTV really is one of the best organizations or departments on campus, hands down. OK let’s stop the gloating.

My schedule for today was as follows: slept from 4:30AM to 9AM, working on the Fee Review document both before and after. I did that until around noon, when I took a shower and went to Ashton. All I had to do was take down a bulletin board and then take it and a bunch of other wall hangings to Read by 1. Easy, right? GOOD LORD NO. The board that I had to take down had about 8 screws holding it into the wall. I didn’t have time (or the foresight) to drop by Read and get our electric drill/screwdriver, so I was doing it by hand with a regular Craftsman driver. Each of the screws, in addition to being old and stuck pretty hard, were about 5 inches long. When you’re trying to unscrew a screw that long from a wall by hand, it sucks.

I finally get all the stuff loaded into my car and head over the Read. I was about 5 minutes late, and Casey and the RPS maintanance guy were already there. The maintanance guy who was to help hang stuff on the walls for us, was old as a fossil and must have had serious respiratory problems. I felt bad because I thought he was going to pass out or hock up a wallaby. He did finally get everything done, and it looks good. I guess I can’t complain. I spoke with him a bit before he left, and he was actually a nice guy, despite seeing pretty gruff and on-the-brink-of-death when I first got there. He’s 77 and already retired, so he just runs around part time. Jeez.

Met with Casey and some other staff members to talk about the threatening e-mail we got. Not a big deal; some people just don’t’ get it. Enough about that. After that I was working on the Fee Review stuff forever. Until about 4:30 to be exact. 12 copies of the final document were due in the Dean’s office by 5PM. Printing 12 copies of a 30 page document takes a lot longer than I somehow anticipated, so I was using the office printer as well as both the printers in the somewhat nearby Read computer lab. Then I got everything together and drove as fast as I could through campus. I parked completely illegally with my DP (next to the sundial) and seriously like ran as fast as I could to the Dean’s office. 5:10PM, 10 minutes after the deadline, the building is dark and not a soul is around. Great. I was freaking out at that point. I was knocking on doors, hoping for some evidence of human life. I wanted to fall to my knees and yell “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” but decided against it.

I did some e-mailing and found out that only 3 organizations actually got their materials in on time. I’m not sure what happened, but at least I think I’ll be fine dropping them off first thing Monday morning. After that whole fiasco I came back home and had about an hour to cram for my D301 exam. This was the class that I finished the term paper in 1 night in Minneapolis and got an A-, so I wasn’t too concerned about it at all. Also I was exhausted from the entire day so I didn’t care too much either. I think I got what I needed, though.

Got dinner and watched TV with Nick and Brian for a few hours; it was good to finally relax. Apparently Nickelodeon Gak is back in stores, only it’s more liquidy now and thus not as fun. High prank possibilities I think, though. Nick bought some at Target. Also we text messaged a bunch of people from his phone with the message “I like bukkake.” Fun night.