I’m thinking about re-designing my page over break, but I probably won’t because I’m really busy (haha oops Seth). But seriously, I was bored yesterday and went to Borders, where I read a book on Dreamweaver for about 2 hours. I’m a nerd, and a cheap nerd at that. At least I bought a coffee so they can’t say I didn’t give them any business.

A real quick change that I can do in like 5 min if people think it would be good: should I move the Blog Archive and button stuff (on the right of the text) to the left column, thus adding more space in the main area (where the blog text and pictures go?). I don’t know why I didn’t do this initially (well, I do, it was just being lazy with my template), but it would give me more space for blog stuff. If you loyal readers (both of you) think I should do it, or think I shouldn’t, then comment here and I’ll follow the vote at the end of the week.

Funny note: I was at CompUSA yesterday and saw an old couple (about 65 or 70?) who both had the exact same hair doo. It was a badly dyed brown fro. I took a pic with my camera phone, so if it turned out OK I will post it here fo sho.

Also: tomorrow I’m teaching (lecturing) to my old high school video teacher’s class in the morning. I haven’t talked to high school kids like this since Japan, so it’s time to become Great Teacher Anthony (GTA) again! 夜露死苦~!