I was in the mood for pizza tonight, so I ordered some Pizza Hut after getting home from work. Yes, we have Pizza Hut here, although it’s overall a lot different and a bit more expensive compared to the original US counterpart. Rule of thumb about ordering pizza in Japan is that they like (no, love) weird toppings here. Tuna, mayonnaise, corn, babies, and Pokemon are standard toppings. The pre-set menu items with tons of random toppings are usually pretty expensive, with a large costing maybe 3500 or 4500 yen (around 30 or 40 USD). Way expensive for something gross, right? But luckily you can order the basic pizza and more normal toppings, and the price will be only slightly more expensive than in the US. I usually get a large pizza with sausage and it costs less than 2000 yen. Expensive for dinner at home, but I always have pizza leftover to be dinner or lunch at some point over the weekend, so it’s not bad.

Tonight the delivery guy arrived and explained to me that they were out of large pizzas. I don’t know how this is possible, but Pizza Hut didn’t have large pizza crusts left. Only in Japan. Anyway, instead of calling me back or something to explain what happened, they just brought me 2 medium pizzas, which is better because 2 mediums are more than 1 large. I’m going to have pizza all weekend.

PS – BBQ chicken at Japanese Pizza Hut is way good too