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I’ve made a huge mistake

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Not really, I just wanted to use that quote. I bought Season 3 of Arrested Development, by the way, and am taking it to Japan. Yes, I actually buy DVDs….but only on rare occasion.

I’m heading to Japan in the morning, and am in the very early stages of packing and stuff. Yes, it would have been a lot better if I would have started this, say, last week when I was doing nothing but watching E.R. and Saved by the Bell on TV, but oh well. I have a 2 hour layover or so in Chicago, so I’ll probably be calling some people since it will be the last time I can do so for cheap. I do plan looking into internet phone stuff though, so who knows. Don’t delete my phone number unless you really hate me or your phone is just that full; I am keeping my same cell phone and number for whenever I’m in the US, even though I have no idea when that will be next.

Will arrive at Narita on Friday afternoon Japan time, then will be in Omiya for a week and possibly an extra 3 days doing AEON training. Then it’s off to Ichihara to start teaching. I’ll write more blogs, even if I don’t have an internet connection. Wait and see.

Awesome poster. COME ON!


I don’t usually just steal stuff from other blogs, but I really think I should share this with everyone. I found it on the Screenhead blog just a few minutes ago. Here’s the direct link to the entry that I got this from. I think they got the poster originally from here.

Anyway, it’s a sweet Arrested Development poster in Star Wars fashion. Click on the thumb below to get the full sized HUGE one. Who’s going to be the first one to print it out on the plotter?

Arrested Development Wars

Note: Full-sized image removed at request of the artist.


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It’s a rare occurrence when I go and buy a DVD. I think one of the last times I can remember was last May when I bought season 1 of News Radio (a damn fine show). I just bought another TV series season on DVD. NO! Make that 2! This doesn’t happen very often folks.

Ben’s Bargains had the link/tip: Arrested Development seasons 1 and 2 for $35 total, free shipping. AD is one of the greatest TV shows I’ve ever seen, and I decided about a week ago that if I could find them for about 20 bucks a season, I would buy them. Yes, it’s actually worth buying. Start the fireworks.

Also, in case you want to buy them yourself (even I did, COME ON):
AD Season 1 at Tower Records ($20)
AD Season 2 at Tower Records ($15)

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