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On my way back to the parking lot after class tonight, I ran into this:

カマキリ on キャンパス

How do I always find these gigantic bugs? Probably the biggest mantis I’ve ever seen in person.


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When I was waiting at Nishi Funabashi Station last Friday, I saw this huge bug flying in the air. Almost as soon as I saw it, it headed right for me, and landed on my pants leg. I took my ear buds out and looking around, and no one really reacted to it. I was expecting a “holy crap look what landed on that guys pants,” but instead I had to deal with this beast on my own. It was a male cicada, almost 4 inches in length. Look at the thing! It’s huge. Cicadas in the states are less than an inch long usually, right? This thing was huge! I shook my leg and it didn’t move, so I finally had to use my other foot to scrape it off, and it flew off with a chirp.

Mushi Kingu
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