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At 8:05PM tonight, I finished the last final exam of my undergraduate career.

It’s about time! Woohoo! More blog to come later.

Whew, that’s over.

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This past week was pretty grueling. Monday – M343 exam. Tuesday – Z302 team exam. Wed – Z302 regular exam. Thurs – M303 exam. Fri – RYP taping. So yeah, things were a bit busier than I usually like. I actually was studying on most nights! Yeah that’s not something I particularly like to do.

It’s finally the weekend, so there’s not a whole lot to do, which is just how I like it. I’m going to watch some TV, maybe actually play some video games, and just be lazy like usual. I have a few things to do, but nothing major. This coming week looks like a joke (the Outlook calendar actually has some white space!).

Oh, and the Honors College gave me an extra scholarship for my “internship” at IUSTV this semester. At least I have some executive salary from that. Thanks again, honors college! haha….

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When you have an exam the next day, and you haven’t studied a whole lot yet, there’s always that one phrase in the class syllabus that just makes your day.

“All examinations are open book and open notes.”


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Just finished my Japanese final. It wasn’t too bad, so I’m good. On the other hand, my Managerial Accounting exam is in 4 hours. I’m boned on that one.

In case I haven’t told you, I found a place to stay in Bloomington over the summer. Got a great deal on a townhouse, all to myself. The smallest bedroom is locked for storage, but the rest of the place is mine. Here’s the floorplan:

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So far today has definitley been one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. First, took my Japanese test and did really well on it. Hardly any uncertainties. Then, picked up a few copies of “The Herald Times” (Bloomington newspaper), with a story about Hoosier Date? smack dab on the front page. I was quoted in the article even! Anyways, after that, Dad and Alex came to visit. Had lunch, showed Al the campus, etc. It would be good if he went to IU, even if I’m not here next fall (going to Japan!)

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Don’t read this unless you want to hear a lot of complaining…

So, I spent all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday finishing up the first Hoosier Date? episode. And by that I mean leaving the office at 4AM, 11PM, then 6PM. It’s fun, I enjoy doing this, but I am going to have to cut back on IUSTV stuff a lot. And that leads me into the next sparkle of joy…. I had another Stats exam today. Nothing like one of those to ruin your entire day/week/life. If I don’t ace the rest of this course, then there goes graduating in 4 years (well, maybe not that bad). Times like this I wonder why I’m a business major, since about half of these pre-req classes make me want to die. If I can make it to I-Core, I’ll be happy. (>__<)

So, studying…I always say that I’m going to start doing that, but I really have to now. Getting a C or worse on an exam isn’t the way to do it… I won’t be surprised if today’s stats exam if on the low end of the pole. On top of that, I’m exhausted of everything. Tokyo Spring Break couldn’t come at a better time. Ah, nothing like doing horrible on an exam when you know if you would have actually worked at all in the last few weeks you would have been ok…….

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