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I got jokes


I was gonna try and write a long blog covering random stuff that’s happened to me in the last month (Minneapolis, Chicago, etc), but I’m lazy so maybe I’ll do it later on. I was talking to Alicia online and got bored again, so I Photoshopped a picture with her favorite movie character, the open-faced vampires from Blade II. I suppose it’s mean to mess with her over and over with this thing, but I’m sorry, it’s funny. Earlier today I put a picture of it on the Facebook photo thing, and tagged it as her. She saw it, was scared, and freaked out. Haha #1. Just now, I edited it onto another picture to catch her off guard. It totally worked. Below is the actual edited picture, followed by our AIM conversation. I’m a really nice guy.

Alicia: no
Alicia: not doing it
Me: its an iustv picture!
Alicia: uh huh
Alicia: no
Me: i swear
Me: its in the new studio
Alicia: OMFG
Alicia: LY
Alicia: I HATE YOU
Alicia: OMG
Me: hahahaahahaa
Me: im assuming you looked?
Alicia: I HATE YOU!
Alicia: YES!
Alicia: i looked up from the bottom up
Alicia: i saw jenny and it was ok
Alicia: al;sdfkjal;sdkfja;sdlfjk
Alicia: why would you do that
Alicia: ugh
Alicia: doesn’t bother me
Alicia: nope
Me: cause its hillarious

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Snippet of an IM conversation I had with Sunny about the IES Photo Slideshow video I’m supposed to be working on:

her: you should use some sad songs since we will all leave and probably won’t see each other again.

her: (although i know you don’t like some ppl in IES and are very happy to see them leave)

me: i wish there was a song titled “good lord i hate you all”

me: hahahaha

her: there is a song called “I will kill you”.


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