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CD playlist I’ve been listening to pretty much the same CD in my car since the middle of December. This includes the 4 (er, 3.5) hour trip to and back from St. Louis. I should probably make a new CD sometime soon, but this one has been working pretty well. I also have Jihen’s “Kyoiku” and the Kishidan Singles Collection in the car, that I’ve listed to once or twice. And yes I realize this mix has an extremely high percentage of J-pop, but oh well. You listen to that crap also, don’t lie.



I was going through my iTunes Library and realized how many songs I have that I don’t listen to (usually I just play my “Anthony” playlist which has everything that’s good). I remembered that I have John Mayer’s “Neon” song. Why would I have such a gay song?

My friend Ricky from high school said one time at a party (he was pretty drunk I think) that the “Neon, Neon” verse sounds like “Leong, Leong.” Now that I listen to it again (yes, I am right now), he’s right…I guess kinda.

My iTunes Top 25 Most Played list


I was bored and thought this might be interesting in some way.
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