Just when I started having fun, seeing all my friends in Bloomington and stuff, classes had to come and ruin it. First day of school today. Actually it wasn’t *that* bad, but it’s the principle of the thing. I went to Parking Ops this morning (after going to RPS by mistake), to get an E parking permit to compliment my god-like DP that I get to use for IUSTV. I get to park pretty much anywhere, even the Reserved spaces. So anyways, I didn’t even think that there would be a line, but there was: that meant I was about 15 minutes late to my first class of the semester. Oops! What am I, in Japan or something? haha

After that class and G202 after it, I had a nice break at home. Went to dinner with Seamus, Sam, and Elliot at Read. Oh man I forgot how horrible dorm food is. I had this thing that was made of fake eggs and mashed potatoes called a fritia. Tasted like plastic. The best part of being there was running into JIMMY JAMES! Here’s how our quick convo went:

Me: Heeeeeeeeeey! How’s it going?

JJ: Hmmmmmm, NOT very well actually.

Me: It’s been a while!

JJ: Yes, that was good.

Me: What? No way, whatt’re you talking about?

JJ: (mumbling something)

He needs to be nicer. Not sure why he hates me so much. Oh wait, I’m friends with Frank, haha! After that, a really short guitar class, then IUSTV stuff at the office. That was about it.