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I will reclaim my throne

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My favorite chair from college was this weird retro-ish bucket cantilever chair that I “rescued” from some abandoned dungeon in old Ashton.  It is super mega comfortable despite looking like something from a 1970’s TV talk show set.  I had it all through college and then after graduating took it back to St. Louis for safekeeping. Even though I of course couldn’t bring it to Japan, I knew that it would be waiting for my butt when I came back one day.   Now with my return to the USA coming up fairly soon, I hear news from my brother that his dog has somehow claimed my favorite chair as his own.

I will get my chair back from Sam the deer-dog!!

Sam keeping my chair warm

I just hope he hasn’t “marked” it as his own yet.

The iPad came out in Japan this weekend, so when I was at Yodobashi near my house earlier today I checked it out. It is nice, but 500 bucks for a 16GB model or like $700 for the 64GB? You’ve got to be kidding me.  Probably not anything I’ll be able to afford in the near future.  I think I’d rather spend $100 on the iPad I blogged about last night.  Of course the real iPad has a nice interface and all, but it’s so pricey!  The store display model was connected to wi-fi to let you try it out, so we checked out how sites like and would look.  Pretty much just like on a computer, but with touching and horizontal/vertical flipping.

アイパッド  Kieran Farr interview on the iPad

We also tried YouTube and watched the IES Train Introduction Video and NR7000 doing his anime dance.  Ah technology.

Pokemon house


My brother sent me these pics yesterday.  He found some house that has Pokemon painted all over it.

Voltorb etc Golduck, etc Pikachu! Zubat!

Poke, Pop, Pics

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I think there was a “blog boom”a few years ago, maybe like 2005-ish? A lot of my friends had blogs, I was posting a lot more on this blog, and blogs in general had, at least among my general circle of friends and acquaintances, become something a lot people did and made. Over the past few years this has gone down a lot: most people have stopped blogging as frequently, if they haven’t already closed up shop completely. I’ve definitely become guilty of not writing as much – not as if I do this blog for a big audience or anything. No, actually I mainly write this just for myself. But either way, somewhat often over the past few months I’ll be sitting at home relaxing on the computer when I think to myself that I should write a blog post. 9 times out of 10 I don’t.

OK enough babbling. To make a long story short, I blame Facebook, Twitter, and stuff like that for sucking people’s attention away from writing or reading long blog posts. The burst of the blog bubble, perhaps. This isn’t a bad thing really, but just a shift in internet habits. It’s a lot easier for most people to do all their updates, pictures, links to weird stuff, messages, etc. in a centralized place like Facebook. Everyone and their brother is on Facebook now so it’s convenient to keep track of friends’ updates, and for friends to keep track of you. It’s a lot more convenient than writing a blog on some other site that people aren’t going to check very often. Why write frequent updates or entries when you can write a quick status update on Facebook? The exception, of course, is if you have a blog with a purpose or a goal. is not that kind of blog. Nor is it like a Xanga where I post short status update-appropriate messages on the blog.

I don’t really want to stop running this blog, especially after doing it for so long. Every now and then I go back and read past posts, which is great because blogging about stupid little things means I can recall those little things well past the time any normal person would remember them. I know there have been a lot of actual studies and insightful articles about how casual internet communications have moved away from e-mails and blogs to more interactive social networking like on FB, so feel free to go find those and read up. While you do that, I’m going to end this post with some pictures and short captions of stuff I’ve done over the past few weeks, in lieu of the usual multi-paragraph post describing my activities.

Japan Seafood Show at Tokyo Big Sight:

Japan Seafood Show

Giant 1:1 scale Gundam down in Odaiba:

ガンダム お台場

Played park golf (kind of like mini-golf without the goofy stuff) in Shisui:


Went to Namja Town with Nick when he came up to Kanto last weekend. This is cheese fondue gyoza (with corn) and teriyaki mayonnaise gyoza. Both were actually way good.


Of course took Nick to Y’s. 伝説の参忍、再び集合! (Thanks to Brian for the pic)

Indiana Legendary Three

The end for now.

Rocket Monster KIM

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Found this image on some weird Japanese video game fan art page. This is by far the best one:

Almost forgot about this. This was the best customs poster I saw during my last trip. No, probably ever. It’s from the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department warning about fines for smuggling raw meat and vegetables across the border. Or something like that (I can’t read Chinese).

I don’t know what’s better, the fact that the old woman has a giant flannel bag full of raw chickens, or her bright velvet Rick James pants.

Poster from the HK Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
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