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CD playlist I’ve been listening to pretty much the same CD in my car since the middle of December. This includes the 4 (er, 3.5) hour trip to and back from St. Louis. I should probably make a new CD sometime soon, but this one has been working pretty well. I also have Jihen’s “Kyoiku” and the Kishidan Singles Collection in the car, that I’ve listed to once or twice. And yes I realize this mix has an extremely high percentage of J-pop, but oh well. You listen to that crap also, don’t lie.

Stray Dog Strut


Woke up around 11AM, somehow (had 3 alarm clocks set, only needed the first), after going to sleep around 6. It was painful indeed. I came out to the living room with my cover, and I think sat at my desk for about 30 minutes reeling in the pain of waking up. Eventually I got up for real. Did e-mail, phone calls, and dropped M419. 1PM is way too early for me, and this way I didn’t have to go today. I do, however, have to get the journalism credit in the books soon so that I can have 12 credit hours. It doesn’t really matter except for scholarships, which I checked and I do actually need 12 hours. Great.

My 2 classes today weren’t bad; M405 is actually really cool. However, since the weather was awesome today and the heat in the building was still on full power, both classrooms were way too warm. And this meant that I was even more sleepy that usual. During D302, I actually started the whole “pinch yourself” thing on my arms and legs to try and wake up, but it didn’t do anything but hurt. After class I went to the Jungle Room with Brian, Nick, Ho, and MSB (who is back and is like a half-Prof now). Sweet. Had a quick meeting at the Union, then went home. I was SO TIRED from sleeping so little that I gave up any hope (or desire) of going out tonight and went to sleep on my couch. This was at around 7:30, and I just woke up around 12:30. Oh well, I’m probably going to just try to sleep again sometime soon so that I can be up at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

Also, it’s Friday the 13th. Ooooooooooohhhhh!~

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