I have to apologize for that last entry. I know it’s pretty bad and rambling, but I wanted to just get all that recorded and stuff, mainly for myself so I can go back and read it in the future. Actually, I started that post a long time ago, but in between then and publishing a few minutes ago I had eaten dinner, watched about 2 DVDs of NewsRadio, napped for 4 hours, took a shower, downloaded 4 new albums, and played a lot of Scrabble on Facebook. But for the most part, I think I’ve covered most of the important stuff from September, so from now on we’re back to regular stuff about what I am doing in my semi-unemployed life of freedom right now.

Hey! How about some Engrish!?


That’s some bar/restaurant I found over near Makuhari Hongo station a few weeks ago. I don’t know if it really counts as Engrish, maybe it’s just a weird name for a business.