The new cell phone that I got around Thanksgiving takes somewhat decent pictures compared to my old one, so I can use them to illustrate the stuff I see all the time (and complain about). I haven’t posted any here yet, so I figured I might as well start. I don’t know if I’ll make entire sections under Pictures for cell phone pics or just post them as needed here on the blog. For starters, here are a few to tide you over. I’m on blog fire; you other people with blogs (*cough*Ari, Nick, Alicia) need to catch up. I’m bored and want to read something, haha.

First, nothing special, just showing off my phone’s (poor) ability to take panoramic pictures:
classroom shot, panoramic style

Next, from my trip to the Mitsuwa shopping center in Chicago. I hate Pe Yonjun, and he is even sold here for Japanese housewives living in America to go nuts over.
I hate you Pe

Finally, I mentioned this last week in a post. I saw at CompUSA here in St. Louis an old couple who both had the EXACT same hair doo: it was a poorly dyed brown afro. Maybe they’re big fans of Welcome Back Kotter.
now that's love